Author: Kate

Spiritual mothers.

When I was in seminary, I was adopted by several spiritual mothers. Many of these women were unmarried or had no children of their own, and they poured into me by mentoring, listening, praying, and investing in me. I had moved to Boston when I was twenty-two, knowing no one, packing my Ford Escort to the

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Reflections on Spiritual Formation.

Fifteen years ago, I taught a course on spiritual formation at a beautiful Christian college. The term “spiritual formation” generally refers to the process by which the Holy Spirit makes us more like Jesus, but in the context of church history or current practice it usually focuses on a few distinct practices; things like solitude,

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Sacred Work

One of Martin Luther’s greatest contributions to Christian life–in my humble opinion–was his view of work. He, a monk, came to realize that his vocation was no more holy than that of the local bartender or seamstress. Perhaps is most famous statement on work is that God doesn’t need our work–but our neighbor does. In other

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