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I’ve Got You.

I learned a simple phrase from the queen of posing, Sue Bryce. She is the one who taught me to pose women with confidence, to pose myself. I know that I can make a woman feel beautiful in her photos by posing them properly. But it isn’t just the pose; it is the trust that

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Reflections on Spiritual Formation.

Fifteen years ago, I taught a course on spiritual formation at a beautiful Christian college. The term “spiritual formation” generally refers to the process by which the Holy Spirit makes us more like Jesus, but in the context of church history or current practice it usually focuses on a few distinct practices; things like solitude,

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He Drank It All.

Tommorrow is Maundy Thursday, which sounds ancient and mysterious. In many ways, it stands at the divide between the Cross and the rest of time–the entrance into a moment toward which all of history had pointed, a moment that would be referenced by every moment to come. “Maundy” is the old word for mandate. On

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